Hi, I'm Dmitry.

I'm the founder of The Creative Brand.


I founded The Creative Brand in 2023 to help companies differentiate themselves from their competition by getting the most out of their brands and creative.

When it comes to differentiation, I've got it.

  • I started my career building the brands for some of the biggest names in media and broadcast television.
  • I moved into engineering and built web experiences for brands like HubSpot, Papyrus, and Marc Ecko; creating tools that have generated hundreds of millions in ARR; building products used by hundreds of thousands of business globally; and leading acquisitions that changed the way you communicate with your customers.
  • Today, I'm a brand leader who's led and implemented rebrands for large corporations and small startups; built and led global teams of 150+; and scaled brands through a unique combination of creativity, technology, and strong opinions.

What Can You Expect Working With Me?

Oh yeah, we'll have fun. And yeah, we'll build powerful tools and systems. And you know, you're going to create a world class brand but whether it's building brands, strategies, or teams, these are values that will drive the work forward.

Use the Data

When your customers tell you what they want, you should listen.

Be Curious

Ask questions. Pull on threads. See where things lead. Your brand should always be evolving.

Always Inclusive

Your next customer could be anyone. Grow with accessibility and localization in mind.

Dmitry Shamis, Founder

An accomplished, strategic executive with extensive experience in building and leading teams, transforming brands, developing innovative, long-term strategic plans, and bringing a proven track record of designing scalable processes. 

Most recently Dmitry served as VP, Brand and Creative at SevenRooms. Prior to that, he spent eight years at HubSpot where he joined as a Web Developer and rose to be Global Head of Creative—scaling both the HubSpot brand and creative team.

An NYU graduate, Dmitry spent five years as a talent agent focusing on the media industry before switching gears towards tech. He currently lives in Chicago, IL with his wife and three kids.

Follow him on Linkedin for thoughts and strategies on marketing, brand, creative, and emerging technology.

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Let's work together.